Tuesday, 24 November 2020

The Novel Analyzer


This novel analyzer for the determination of lactate in biological fluids,repeatedly, in a non-invasive way, during training sessions or races to check the athlete performance is portable, battery-powered, and it is based on the electrochemical detection of lactate in fluid deposited on disposable diagnostic strips (electrodes), suitably modified. Currently, the product exists as a prototype validated on sweat.

The product is innovative compared to the meters of lactate present on the market for the following reasons.

i) The measure instrument is equipped with a photochemical reaction system, a configuration absolutely new, not present in any portable measure device present on the market;

ii) the method does not use enzymatic reagents, but is based on a photochemical reaction. For this reason the chemical reagents used to modify the diagnostic are low cost and more stable over the time (enzymes are generally expensive, degradable proteic reagents);

iii) for its technical characteristics the lactate can be measured in the range 0.3-250 mM, against the 0.2 - 12 or 0.2-22 mM range measure by current lactometers. This makes it suitable to measure the lactate in sweat, which is 10 times higher than the concentration level of lactate present in blood.

iv) The lactometer currently commercially available are based on the determination of lactate in the blood and require an invasive maneuver, the punching of the subject (generally the earlobe), with a consequent increased risk of infections (for the subject) and transmission of diseases (for the operator). The lactate present in sweat (10 times more concentrated than in blood) can also contaminate the blood during the sampling giving artifactual higher values. Finally, the sampling of blood requires, in principle, the presence of a medical staff.

The product can also be of interest in the veterinary and horse racing area.